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Sanctuary Worship Instructions and Links to Services/Bulletins

Zion Lutheran Church is worshiping in the sanctuary at different times Sunday morning. The first service is at 9:00 AM Matins Livestreamed with Communion immediately following. Then there's Divine Service at 10:45 AM. To be able to come to church you need to sign up by calling Pastor Christopher Hull in order to make sure we do not have too many people in the services. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please read our letter about summer services and campus info.



Our Trinity 9 service will be streamed Matins at 9:00 AM Sunday morning. The bulletin for that service with hymns included is found here

We will be streaming Wednesday services of Evening Prayer for Trinity.  This the the bulletin for that service. 

Dear Saints of Zion Lutheran Church,

I pray that all of you are doing well. I am writing this letter to you to explain briefly why we are going to continue doing sign-ups for church for the foreseeable future. I know that this is frustrating and very different than what any of us are used to doing.

 First, we are doing the sign ups each week in order to keep the numbers at a safe place for the time being. Many places are still having issues with COVID19, and with travel and socializing becoming more regular again over the summer time, I believe it is helpful that we keep the numbers of attendance at a steady number and raise them slowly as we go through the summer.

 Second, we are doing the sign-ups so that, if one of our members comes down with COVID19, I can then communicate with the members who have attended church prior to and after possible contact. I WILL NOT SHARE WHO HAS COVID19 IN THE CONGREGATION, BUT RATHER THIS IS FOR ME TO BETTER COMMUNICATE WITH ALL THE MEMBERS WHO ATTENDED SO THAT ALL CAN BE TESTED TO SEE IF THEY HAVE IT.

Third, and most importantly, I believe that this is a good spiritual practice for the church. If members contact the pastor before Sunday, it can help in putting you in the right place to prepare to receive the gifts of the cross on Sunday morning. This also helps us as your pastors prepare for those who are coming to church, in that we can know who is coming and more faithfully care for everyone in the proclamation of the Gospel and the distribution of the sacraments.

 I pray that this is helpful for you, and if you have any questions as to why we are going to continue this practice for the foreseeable future, please call me at (309) 287-5902.

Pastor Hull

Senior Pastor

 Please visit our Youtube page for Sunday morning worship streamed live at 9:00. Zion Lutheran Youtube Page  Please subscribe to get reminders of when the service is posted. 

Our Zion Lutheran Facebook Page will be where Pastor Hull will also be doing Sunday morning Bible study, Tuesday morning catechesis, and Wednesday Hymn Sings with our organist, Lynea Sander, and Saturday morning prep for Sunday. Zion Lutheran Facebook Page


Devotional materials and other links

Please enjoy our Devotional Tutorial and join us on Facebook as dive into the Scripture together. 

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