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The Word that Comforts


Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

This morning in the Treasury of Daily Prayer, we were blessed with a writing from Walther that says, "Today, the cross is still a terror-but only to hell. It shines upon its ruins as a sign of victory over sin, death, and Satan. With a crushed head, the serpent of temptation lies at the foot of...

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Tags: church, cross, forgiveness, walther

Emotional Fatigue

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

The last few weeks have been very draining. Anticipating Hurricane Harvey was an emotional drain. We didn't know how bad the storm was going to be, but we knew that it was going to be bad. The aftermath of the storm left houses destroyed, people dead, material goods lost, and emotions drained...

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Tags: church, drained, forgiveness, jesus, emotional fatigue

The Devil Don't Want You Here

Posted by Pastor Christopher Hull on

The Devil doesn't want you in Church on Sunday morning. He wants you to be anywhere else besides the place in which you have absolute forgiveness of all your sins. He wants you to be in a place where your flesh is pleased, where your ego is boosted, and where your self piety is encouraged. He...

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Tags: church, devil, forgiveness, jesus